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Stand Up Paddle-board Yoga/Pilates class empowers your Yoga and Pilates practice. It is tranquil, yet so strong and fun!

Since the platform is unstable, you have to engage your core muscles more for better balance. It also improves awareness of positioning especially when transitioning from pose to pose.

We synchronise our ujjayi (ocean breath) with the sound of the water ripples to unite with the water, while feeling the southern breeze on our cheeks and focusing on our inner balance and strength.

Remember falling is all part of the fun, when you fall you get wet! The water will catch you gently so don’t be scared, there is a new you awaiting when you let go of the fear.

Meet our Instructor

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Hi, I’m Meri.

I’m Japanese, small, speak broken English but talk a lot! I’m also a very curious person who has a big smile and loud voice.

I have been teaching group fitness (including pre-choreographed Yoga and Pilates classes) for 20 plus years in Japan & Australia. I am a personal trainer, remedial massage therapist, sports trainer and an allied health assistant.

My life time goal is ‘to be happy”… sounds simple. I love helping people to be happy, and achieve their goals, that’s what makes me happy. Seeing client’s smile makes my day, that is all that matters.

I hope to meet you in my class soon!

Payment options:

  • Pay per session: $15 per session ($11.50 concession rate)

  • 10 session pass: $135 ($103.50 concession rate)

  • Weekly direct debit membership: $19/week for unlimited sessions and pool entry on other days ($15.50 concession rate)

  • "FITNESS PASSPORT" is accepted at our facility. Please contact our friendly staff for details.

We currently offer 3 SUP Yoga/Pilates classes per week. If you become a member, you are also entitled to join our Adult Squad, Aqua Aerobics and Deep Water Running classes. Class payments also include entry to the pool.




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